I'm spending the next two days hammering out end-of-year materials for our Northern Nevada Differentiated Instruction Program: The Student Learning Facilitator (SLF) Program.  As soon as Wednesday night's portfolio celebration is completed, I am full-time committed to finishing our new Expository Print Guide for 6th - 8th grade teachers.

Yesterday, between SLF observations, I managed to complete the second set of 6th grade "sparklers," which puts the sixth grade section of the guide very close to completion.  This set of Sparklers was based on this practice prompt:  Ever since the cave man invented fire and the wheel, people have been inventing things to move us forward.  What invention do you think has been the most important?  Explain your answer with relevant, showing details.

Click here to open this 6-page document of 6th grade Sparklers
Keep watching for new postings after Wednesday night...they should be coming fast and regular now.



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