All right.  I am back.  Finals are over, which pretty much exhausted me this year, and we are back and running writer's workshop in class again.

I told my students that around Valentine's Day, they would be responsible for writing the "Metaphor of the Week" for the rest of the school year.  I explained that I wanted the first few ones to be about LOVE, in honor of the February Holiday!

To inspire them, I created the following metaphor about love.  Zach--one of my eighth graders--informed me that my scientific knowledge was flawed.  Instead of steel, according to Zach, I should have said "iron." 


I am pleased to say that our first student-contributed "Metaphor of the Week" was posted Monday, and this Monday a new one will go up!  My kids are totally jazzed that they are now in charge of this responsibility.  I will continue to do the art; they will provide the inspiration.

Elijah--an eighth grader--contributed this metaphor:

I'll be posting some new lessons I have finalized tomorrow.  Off to make dinner now!



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