Ah yes, the end of the school year; everything comes crashing together in the same two weeks, and things like "Teach Writing Right" blogs are neglected.  My apologies.

So that I have it on record for next year, I wanted to make sure I posted the final "Metaphor of the Week" from the two weeks of school.  Next year, I plan to create the first three metaphors of the week, then have a coffee can up front where students can write inspirational metaphors that--if chosen--will become my extra credit "Metaphor of the Week."  I am thinking I will also be "hiring" an artistic student (I've got two in mind) to come in at lunch every week on Friday to write out and illustrate the metaphor of the week instead of me doing it!

In short, the students really liked the "Metaphor of the Week" program, but I want it to be completely student-centered next year.

Anyway, here's is the final metaphor of the week for this past school year.  It came from one of my sweetest 7th graders--Jessica.  I really liked how it built two metaphors based on opposite abstract nouns: truth and lies.  I hope other students are inspired to build metaphors next year based on contradictory abstractions!

Looking forward to a bright new year of student metaphors starting in August!  If you wish to have access to any of my "metaphors of the week" from the 2011-12 school year, click here!



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