My fellow educators...

I've been working on a new plan for this school that lets me post classroom evidence regularly without sucking too much time from my crazy, busy life.

And so...this year, I will be focusing on Pinterest, and I invite you to follow me there.  As my students do exceptional work or as I post a new lesson or teacher model, I will be posting them to Pinterest this year, not to Blogger.

Here is a link to my pinterest account, which you can easily follow me at:  I will also be encouraging my students to follow me so that they can see when their work is chosen and posted as an exemplar.

Finally, working on a new lesson based on my favorite video from the summer: "Titanium" by David Guetta and sung by Sia.  I made my first metaphor of the week (for Monday...when I see my new kiddos) based on this video, which I am creating a lesson around.

Please...come follow me on Pinterest!



  1. So is Always Write gone now? I was directed there by TeachersFirst and it seems to be down. Is Pinterest replacing that?

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