It's kind of official!  I am heading back to the classroom next year.  Needed to say "Goodbye" to my previous workplace (a teacher training center) because the work became about politics and keeping superintendents happy--not about what's good for teachers.

So...I am crazily working on writer's notebook pages this summer--going to make my writer's workshop all about what begins in the writer's notebook next year.

Here is a fun page I plan to introduce early on to my students; I especially like how the page is not only teaching unqiue ideas, but it's focused on teaching students what a noun phrase is!  We don't teach enough grammar in places other than worksheets and daily oral language drills.  That's the dogma I head back to my students with.

Here is the complete lesson online that sets students up to create this notebook page in their own notebooks.

More to come...all summer long!



  1. Lucky kids! I did the same thing. I was out of the classroom for 10 years working as a consultant in a educational service center. My work became just as you described. I am sure glad that I returned to the classroom. I have brought into it a new perspective, renewed focused energy, and I am loving it. I LOVE your blog and can't wait to continue following your notebook and writers workshop this year.

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