I have two new writer's notebook lessons for you to compare and contrast!

I've been getting pretty excited about the writing across the curriculum that we're going to have our students do next year.  From pre-writing (in learning logs and writer's notebooks) to publishing (on blogs and for portfolios), our students will be proving they can think deeply about all four content areas (math, science, language arts,  history) by creating original pieces of writing that demonstrate their abilities to make deep, cognitive connections.

Because my own writer's notebook has--until this point--mostly been about topics we study in language arts, I have been busily adding pages to it that reflect the type of thinking we want our students to do for writing across the curriculum.  As I always do, I am publishing the lessons to go along with my notebook pages online.

Here are two new teacher models that I created during the the last two days.   I've done these lessons before but this is the first time I've had a writer's notebook model to show ahead of time:

#1:  Unusual Recipes-- where students create recipes for items you would not find in an actual cookbook.

Click here to access my online write-up that goes with this model page.

#1:  Personified Vocabulary-- where students turn content-based vocabulary into "people," basing their personalities, jobs, clothing, and/or relationships on the vocabulary words' definitions.

Click here to access my online write-up that goes with this model page.
I invite you to compare/contrast these two lessons.  I am always open to feedback.  I'm now working on a Writing Across the Curriculum lesson on "rhyming slogans."  Check back in a few days if that sounds interesting to you!



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