Forgot to bring my camera to school on Friday, so I am just now posting the "Metaphor of the Week" that we started using today.

Just an FYI about why this was my chosen metaphor: This week, our district's wisdom has dictated that all our students must be tested on a new on-line assessment tool in order to establish a baseline for several future testing days; the two tests (reading and math) students must take this week will take them between one and three hours to complete.  Our school's computer lab is a slow-running, low-bandwidth nightmare.  We lost almost an entire instructional day to test what turned out to be only a few kids who could actually end up being on the computers at the same time. During the last period of the day, my poor sixth graders were taking the test in a lab that had reached 85-90 degrees.  Sigh....Knowing all this was going down last Friday, I thought "Life is a Multiple Choice Test" would be a perfect metaphor for the week, and that is why I posted it.  One of my sixth graders read the metaphor off the board when she finally finished her test just before the final bell and remarked, "Oh man, I hope that's not really true!" is my metaphor of the week!  Let's hope next week feels like I actually get to teach again.

Have a great week, everyone!



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