I have to give credit for next week's metaphor of the week to one of my blog followers--KCH--who shared some of her classroom metaphors.  I totally "stole" the "Each day is a blank sheet of paper" metaphor as I go in to my fifth week of weekly metaphors.  Below, you can find the sketch I made during my last period of the day today; my students (who were engrossed in their writer's workshop rough drafts) were fascinated with my process as I sketched and prepared the next week's metaphor.  Several students stayed after class to explain how the metaphor-of-next-week was challenging their thinking already.  WHAT A GREAT METAPHOR!!!

I completely invite those of you following this blog to share your metaphors too!  Let's establish a community of metaphor sharers!


  1. I have learned so much. Your generosity and knowledge leaves me amazed. Thank you. I've named you a Versatile Blogger. Check it out!

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