Again...still catching up on BLOG postings because of my wife's surgery earlier this month.  While I was out with her during recuperation, my students received their report cards.

As a kid, I used to hate not knowing what grade I had earned until the day we received that piece of paper.  I made sure I planned a few lessons that allowed me to call each kid up to my desk a week before grades were due from me so that my kiddos knew exactly why they received what they received as a mark.  No surprises in my classroom!

As each kid talked to me, I asked, "What does this grade tell you that you need to do for the remaining nine weeks of our semester?"  And when they answered, I asked, "So if that advice you just gave yourself was a 'road sign,' what would it read?"  I loved the answers they gave; some very literal; others very creative.

So...this has been my metaphor of the week for this past week.  I think we'll be doing some more road sign metaphors over the next few weeks to remind them to stay the course.

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