I really appreciate my student helpers.  On Friday before Spring Break, I handed Matt--my 4th period student aide--the pen and said, "Give me an original spring metaphor to think about as soon as they walk in next Monday.  The metaphor of the week belongs to you."

Matt created his metaphor out of two abstract nouns (spring and joy), which I always think is harder to do; I always shoot for an abstract and a concrete noun myself.  Here is his metaphor:

I had a few vocal students complain that the metaphor was made up of two abstract nouns, which means I must have taught them pretty well, if you ask me.  In defense of this metaphor, however, I will cite the fact that my daffodils and my hyacinths barely lasted ten days this year before it snowed on them and froze them until next year.

Thanks, Matt.

--Mr. Harrison


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